Zwift Academy Road [2022]

Zwift Academy is back! This year Zwift Academy Road is delivering a four week crash course for athletes looking to get faster, stronger, and understand the ins and outs of training smarter. We have also brought back the optional Pro Contender Program.

The program will include a Baseline Ride, six structured workouts, and a Finish Line Ride. If you are competing for the Pro Contender Program, you will also need to complete two Pro Contender workouts. Zwift Academy Road starts September 12th and ends October 9th. If you are competing for the Pro Contender Contract, you must complete the Baseline ride AND the two additional Pro Contender workouts before September 25, 11:59 PM UTC (4:59 PM PT).

You will have the ability to unlock socks, a sweatband, kit and with completion of the program, you will score new bike paint! Looking to learn more about Zwift Academy Road? Check out the Zwift Academy main page or Support Hub FAQ. You can also track the status of known issues here.



Ok … i know I will not have requested level :sweat_smile:

Hey @Lucien_Didot_FR - Sorry for the confusion on this. Registration does not actually open until August 15th. When registration does open, you should not see that message any longer.


2022 Zwift Academy kits look sick! They are the ones that i use the most in Zwift.


From the FAQ:


Note: These two additional workouts for Pro Contenders AND the Baseline Ride must be completed by September 25, 11:59 PM UTC (4:59 PM PT). Check out this page for full details of the pro contender workouts.

^^^ that link isn’t going to work with https:// at the end. But if you take it out, the link still doesn’t work. (“OH SNAP! LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE LOST”) Never change Zwift :+1: :call_me_hand:


Hey @Ricky_Dee1! Thanks for flagging. Here is the correct link. I also see that @Mike_Rowe1 supplied it above (thank you!). I will get that updated on the FAQ.

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Did the orientation ride and everything went and looked well. I didn’t notice any weird graphics, strange English, ERG issues, etc…

Then I looked at Strava and the laps and power/lap are all messed up compared to the actual workout. Not sure if that is Strava or Zwift’s issue :man_shrugging:

It’s because your watts/kg was too high and broke the algorithm Lin… I was there, I saw hehe.

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I wish that was the problem! :smile:

Hi Guys I have completed the Orientation ride twice now, I enjoyed it so much, but it is not showing as complete… I presume it is because the Academy doesn’t officially start until september… Is that right?

Looking forward to it as I enjoyed last years immensely.


I think you’re confusing the orientation ride with the baseline ride. Different things. :+1:

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The orientation ride is not considered part of the actual academy.

@Sarah_LaRocque put out a nice overview of this years academy, good to see her back on youtube!


Orientation rides and the first workout are available in the companion app. I cant find the baseline rides yet. I thought they should be available from the 12th September…

They probably haven’t been scheduled yet or put on the events calendar. I would suspect you will start to see them show up next week. @James_Zwift do you know?

Pretty certain Ryan is looking after them.

Update August 31: Delivering the Zwift Academy Road experience across all our supported languages is important to our community. We discovered that some of the localized workout files are missing in Zwift game version 1.28. We are working on adding that as soon as possible, but there may be a few days after September 12 when ZA Road workouts will be available in English only.

Thank you for your patience. I’ll update this thread when this has been resolved.

zwiftacademy2022 : have done my oriontation ride this morning but is not registered in my academy ( still 0,0%) , do other zwifters have the same issues ?

Hi @Geert_Heylen, the orientation ride doesn’t count as part of the main academy. It doesn’t officially start until Sept. 12th.

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