Zwift Academy [2023]

Zwift Academy is back for the 2023 season and it’s more epic than ever!

Zwift Academy 2023 will strictly focus on the road program. Zwift Academy will feature a six-week crash course for athletes looking to get faster, stronger, and understand the ins and outs of training smarter. Zwift Academy is a pro-level program that delivers serious fitness gains and exclusive unlocks.

This year, Zwift Academy features six structured workouts designed by world-class coaches and two races to compete against Zwifters of your fitness level. There will also be the chance to win a pro contract along the way.

Starting November 6 @ 04:00 UTC, you’ll find all of the workouts and races in the campaign tile on the home screen or you can locate the six structured workouts in a “Zwift Academy 2023” folder on your in-game workout menu screen. There will also be a schedule of group workouts if you’d like company.

Both races will be available 9 times a day between November 20 to December 17. You can find the full schedule of the races and group workouts in your Zwift Companion app.

If you choose to join a group workout, late join will not be enabled. Please make sure you are warmed up and ready at the start of the scheduled event.

There will be no orientation ride, baseline ride or finishline ride this year.

Looking to go Pro?

Up to five women and five men will be selected to advance as Zwift Academy finalists. To be eligible to advance, you will need to have completed all six long workouts and two races. To learn more about all of the requirements for the Pro Contender Program, click here. In addition, you will need to accurately weigh yourself prior to the start of Zwift Academy. We encourage you to update your weight each week for the accuracy of the data.

Throughout Zwift Academy, you will automatically unlock rewards as you progress. After the first activity, you will unlock the kit. You’ll get the cap after the third event. With the completion of the program (six structured workouts and two races) you’ll score the bike paint for the Canyon Aeroad bike; which can be purchased in the Drop Shop after you have reached level 10. New this year, you will unlock the aero helmet after completing any race. You’ll also be able to track your progress on the Zwift Companion app as well as receive email notifications of your swag.

To learn more about Zwift Academy, you can check out the main page here or the FAQs here, for full program details.

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Love the graphics! I guess I’ll have to do my annual Zwift workouts :grinning:

Can you share any info about ZA Tri dates?

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Oh. That’s a disappointment. Looks like Zwift are doing the very minimum required to run it this time.

I might just skip ZA this year and pick a different workout program.

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@manda_F The registration link on the FAQ page (and in your post here in the forum) returns 404

“You’ll see workouts have ‘Free Ride’ segments (with the exception of Workout 4). These segments do not have ERG mode ON and are designed to let you push your limits as far as you can. If you choose to do a group workout, rubberbanding will not be turned on.”

@manda_F I don’t fully understand rubberbanding - is that no rubberbanding for the whole workout or, if it is even possible, no rubberbanding for just the free ride segments?

@Ian_Attoe - There will no rubberbanding in any workout or race :slight_smile:

Thank you.

“ Plus, there will also be a schedule of group workouts if you’d like company.”

In my case that company will be well up the road after a couple of minutes! :joy:

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@Paul_Southworth -The main page for registration is back up. Sorry for the delay

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Glad racing is back as part of Zwift Academy - woot, woot! I think it encourages a lot of new folks to give racing a try. Will there be completely separate men’s and women’s races with full categories for each as there was in the past?




There will be no Zwift Academy Tri or Run programs this year. We are very proud of both but have made the difficult decision to retire both campaigns for this season and instead focus on Zwift Academy Road program for 2023.

We’re fully focused on Zwift Academy Road this year and will not be running 2023 Tri or Run Zwift Academy programmes. We’re developing some new and exciting campaigns so stay tuned for more information coming soon.

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Please ask Zwift to add women’s only races. As of now, it appears only mixed races are/will be scheduled. If they can provide women’s only workout times, the can provide women’s only races.


This is disappointing news. I’ve enjoyed all the ZA Tri campaigns, as well as ZA Road and ZA Run.

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Is there a reason for this? I see no real reason to do the workout if there’s no base metric to measure against, how are people going to find out of the workouts have been any use to them?


Yeah. As I said above, it looks like I’ll give it a swerve this year and do another programme instead. Shame, as I enjoyed last year’s format.

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I wonder if some would be willing to wait a minute at the start.

You could do a full ftp test.
Or ride your favorite climbs; Titan, Volcano, Epic.
Then repeat at the end of Academy.

I’m not sure 6 workouts spread across 6 weeks would by itself do much for one’s ftp. Maybe that’s why they got rid of them?