No races shown up on zwft academy

i cannot see any race in zwift academy.

It always says “There are no races available within the next hours. Check back later”.
(I’ve already done 4 workouts in the Zwift Academy)

Am i doing something wrong?



they aren’t available yet


It would be nice if the tabs in-game showed accurate dates. The same issue existed during ToW, feels like it should be a pretty easy fix.

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Race #1 available from Monday 20th November 1800 GMT, two laps of Rolling Highlands, ~23Km.

Link to 1800 GMT, which has over 100 pen D signups already, including riders not registered on zwiftpower! :exploding_head:

I’m being blind regarding Race #1 showing in Companion! :rofl:

Given that all Zwift Academy workouts are on the Canyon Aeroad, at least Race #1 at 1800 GMT today does not specify the same bike will be used.
Wouldn’t it make sense to force the same bike in these races too?

185 signups now showing for pen D at 1800 GMT today, I can’t recall the last time such a number signed up, far more than a good zone 1 or 2 Tiny Race! :exploding_head:

I see that event in Companion on iOS. Check your search filters. Restart Companion… ?

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Anyone else noticing the huge number of WKG disqualifications for Academy races over the last two days?

If a rider’s average exceeds the pen W/Kg zFTP threshold (2.625 for D; 3.36 for C; 4.2 for B ?), they are being disqualified, when only a tiny minority of them will get a CE pen promotion after such a race dq.

Pen D are only doing one lap races at each location and will take approx 18-22mins for the top Category Enforcement racers to complete, in a normal Category Enforcement race they could average approx 2.75-2.85 W/Kg for that sort of time duration and not get a zFTP promotion to C.

It’s affecting strong W/Kg light righters too, who in pen D, have a zFTP under 150W. Many women and youngsters getting WKG.

I’ve never seen an official ZwiftHQ race set up like this since Category Enforcement came along, suggesting to me it’s an event setup oopsie.

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Agree seems odd for Zwift to be adding in this WKG dsq.

Same thoughts re these WKG:
No obvious upgrade in category (so far anyway) for many of them.
Some have done higher 20 min and race average power in past 90 days and were eligible to enter the category they raced in.
How many will still be able to enter another ZA race in the same category.

It does look like these ZA races are encouraging riders to put out high (or higher than normal ?) race power w/kg. IMO WKG dsq shouldn’t be used but hopefully a few upgrades.

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