Zwift 3D? Taking it to the next level of reality...

(Percy Zahl) #1

Ever thought about rendering 3D (two images) taking the next step to reality?

A split screen (side by side views for L/R) would work awesome on most 3D HD TV’s in side by side 3D setting!


(Brandon Ingersoll ODZ (B)) #2

I respectfully disagree with this.  While this would be way high on the “cool” factor, I think it wouldn’t get used much.  I just got a 3d TV and after the novelty of watching 1 or 2 movies wore off, I found the glasses annoying and prefer flat 4k.  The penetration of 3d TV’s generally is proof of that.  Also I just threw Zwift on an 8 foot projected screen in my basement thinking it would be awesome.  I got motion sickness and almost tossed my cookies on the descents.  I had to cut it short and went to bed nauseated.  Too much reality (like 3d) isn’t always conducive to a solid workout.  I think this is more of a workout tool than a game and I am not sure 3d makes it a better workout tool.


(Michael Coyne [CCCP]) #3

Is Oculus Rift sweat-proof?

(Nevets Repooc '57) #4

Not at all water proof. It would be hot and heavy pretty quickly, and sweat soaked on the foam pads. Same for the Vive, although it’s less heavy. Plus you’ve got an HDMI/USB3 cable tether for both. The Vive has more length, the Rift’s cable is very short - about 3 feet max. All that said, I’d love to try it out. And will as soon as possible.

(James Battersby) #5

Press Ctrl+Shift+3 to toggle side-by-side 3D mode.  There is a 50% drop in horizontal resolution, but it does seem to work quite well.  Having said that I will be sticking to 2D as it gives me everything I need.