ZPro Tri Race Series 2020 FAQ

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What is this Community Race series?
The Z Pro Tri Race Series is a place for professional triathletes to duke it out in a chaotic, next-level race series. With unique event formats, it’s the perfect place to watch top triathletes dig deep across a range of short, intense races.

However, the community also has the opportunity to ride the exact same courses as the pros. The three-week series consists of three short, sharp races every week, which will follow each other in quick succession, so the final Hill Climb TT is done on exhausted legs.

Do I have to do all three races every week?
Not at all. You can do one, two, or all of them! It’s completely up to you. However, doing all three gives you the full Z PRO experience.

Will this be a broadcast event?
No. Only the pro races will be broadcast, but there will be a segment during the main broadcast that highlights standout performances from the community races.

Are the events drafting or non-drafting?
The Crit race and Scratch race have drafting, while the Hill Climb TT is a non-drafting event.

Will there be a results service?
Yes, there will be results and league standings on ZwiftPower.com Please be sure to register for an account at ZwiftPower.com, then link it to your Zwift account.

Will “late-join” be enabled?
No, there will be no “late-join.”

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Can I take part in the Pro Series?
Entries to the professional side of the Z PRO TRI Race Series are invitation only.

Will we see both men and women racing?
Yes, we have a stellar array of both male and female pro athletes racing every week.

What are the race formats?
The courses will change each week but the basic structure will be three races every week—a Crit Race, a Scratch Race, and a Hill Climb TT. Unlike the other two, the Hill Climb will be non-drafting.

How long are the races?
The races are fast and furious, lasting approximately 15 minutes per race. This allows us to fit in three races for each gender within a two-hour broadcast.

How are points scored?
Points are scored throughout each week’s broadcast. Then based on the totals at the end of the broadcast, they’ll be awarded as follows:

  • The person with the most points on the day receives 20 points
  • 2nd place gets 19 points
  • All the way down to 20th place, who gets 1 point

Where can I watch the broadcast?
The ZPro Tri homepage will have each broadcast

There is no event listed under Week 1 Race 3 in the ‘Community Races’ link above.