Multi-Race Series

I’d like to join in on a multi-race series where there is perhaps a series of races at the same time each week but maybe different courses for a series of several races. I’m not finding the Zwift events page very robust (unrelated but would really like for that to have a filter by distance). Anyway, not sure if there is a good way to find out about multi-ride races or not. I checked zwift power and it has Series but that’s not the same thing, it is just the overall series by whatever group that is, it’s not really a Series that drop down would be better titled ‘Sponsor’ or ‘Host’. Any ideas? 

Check out Zwift Masters and Sporting Course TT on Facebook. There are a number of series events available.

They use to have a 3 course race on Saturdays called Z-TAZ. I would love to see it return. One lap of Flat. One lap Hilly, and then a few laps of volcano crit.

It was tough. Mostly for A cat riders. I did it as a B and only had 3 minutes to jump from 2nd race into 3rd race. But I made it.

there’s also the short 2 km KISS races on Sat. It is points for four efforts about 15 minutes apart.