ZP showing the wrong distance in results

I did a ride this morning ‘Cycle Nation Xmas Endurance Ride’ it was on R.G.V. in France and the distance was 161 km… Yet in Zp it’s showing the map as Tempus Fugit and the distance as 100km both of which are wrong. My activity feed on zwift shows the correct details.

When an event has more than one category, and the categories are on different routes, I believe it’s normal for ZwiftPower to show only one of them in the details. C was 100km on Tempus Fugit, and D was 161km on RGV.

So it’s a bug they can’t be arsed fixing… how very Zwift of them.

I would call it more of a design limitation than a bug, but you are correct to assume it won’t change. They have publicly stated that ZwiftPower will not be enhanced and they will put their effort into replacing it.