ZP newbie. Help me understand categorization

Hi I am new to racing and for flagged in mye last race. Could you help med understand why? Cheers Dag Rune

Looks like you are Cat C but entered Cat D

Thx. I am a noob, my FTP is (after todays race) 2,39. I thought that was within limits. My mistake. I am so sorry. I must have really messed up the others’ raceday. Sorry ;(

When you are new, its quite daunting so dont worry. Here’s how Zwiftpower has categorised you (your 3 best results from past 90 days):


So you are comfortably in Cat C but keep an eye on Zwiftpower - when it says “Cat C almost B” its an early warning that you are about to be upgraded :slight_smile:

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That is fantastic. Now I know. Where/how did you find this information? Thx for all help.

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Click the info button on your Zp profile page per below:

Thx. Couldnt find it. Lacked zwift id connection. Now IT is fixed and behold - now i see. Thx again 4 everything. :wink:

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