Zipp 202 wheel rendering bug

I own a Zipp 202 Firecrest in the Zwift. In Zwift, it has a 88/188 hubset.
I see that there is a rendering bug of this wheel. Well, maybe not a bug but a less attention to details?

In real world, as a bicycle mechanic, I know the Zipp 88 front hub suppose to be install on a bike with it’s aero wings parallel to the ground. This wings (left and right) are part of the hub’s endcap and will stay fixed position until you remove the wheel.

That’s not how this hub works in Zwift!
The aero wing on my 202 rotating all the time when the wheel spin.
I know it’s minor eyesore and fixing this might be complex as you have to split the hub into 3 pcs of 3D model.
IMHO, change the hubs model to 77/177 is the easiest solution.

While I won’t argue with you on the graphics,

The 202 wheels are not the fastest, even if you are relatively new to zwift. I’d advise you to use other wheels and get some free speed!

Maybe the OP is doing a lot of climbing. :rofl:

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I know 202 is not a fast wheel. But it’s a wheel unlock at level 11 and I had it since my level 1. I think that’s because I register to Zwift since beta. When I’m back to Zwift and pay to play in 2020, Zipp 202 and Dogma 65.1 are in my garage :slightly_smiling_face:.

They are not fastest but there’s no reason not to use them from level 1, right?

PS. I create this post to report what I believe it is a but, not to argue my choice of wheel :wink:

I mostly ride a mix terrain with my friend in a meetup. And I’m far stronger so it’s no matter what wheel or bike I ride within Zwift.

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Some frames dont even have brakes, so I doubt zwift is going to be concerned about a wheel hub rendering problem.

Where do you suppose an obviously square rear cassette ranks in the list of priorities lol ?