Zero Support From Zwift

I submitted a support ticket 7 days ago a load of us did the tour for all and on stage 5 it cut out at the end so although we finished the race zwift just put it as a ride and none of us got the badge. As a new cyclist, I prepped for every race and put everything into it only to be short-changed I just want the badge to say its complete. 7 days and absolutely nothing from support, where do I go from here if support is non-existant???

Unfortunately either you ride it again or you don’t get the badge.

Zwift can award you the badge if something went wrong on their end. Unfortunately support is very backed up and taking a long time to respond due to COVID-19.

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yep, i get that but 7 days!!!
For the amount of money they have made out of the lockdown surely they could get some extra work from home support staff :neutral_face:

Hi @Mark_Dutch_Holland_F

I would give it a bit more time, this weekend was a holiday weekend in the USA so there might be a big backlog in support tickets.

It may not be that simple, people need to be trained to do support, by the time they are productive this whole crazy time will be over.

My personal opinion will be to re do the stage, there is currently a lot of them on the schedule. You probably plan to ride in anyway this week.

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