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Hi folks, newby Zwifter here -made it to L7. Woohoo!
I (think) I’ve signed up for Zwift academy, carried out the Orientation ride from the training folder under ZA 2021 would like to do the baseline ride but have no idea where to find it.

It’s not located in the Workouts- Zwift Academy 2021 folder.
I’ve also no option to select the 'legends and lava ’ route in Watopia.

I’ve selected the ‘Going’ option on the upcoming event screen expecting to magically get taken to a start line somewhere but nothing…

Obviously I’m missing something. Can anyone help?

Hi @Allan_Sutherland, welcome to the forums. When you sign up for an event or race (most of us use the companion app to sign up for events) you need to spawn into any of the worlds and start a ride (doesn’t matter what world or route), then you’ll see a “join now” button appear in the lower left side of the screen.

This is an event only route, you will not find it in the list of routes in the game.

The baseline, finish line and recovery rides will not be listed in the workout menu. Again, the best place to find events, races, group rides, etc. Is the companion app.

That’s brilliant, thanks for the help, I’ll have another go tonight!

Ok back again…
I joined a course Tempus on Watopia 20mins before the start time for the Baseline ride but no option came up to 'join now ’ whilst I was riding.

The countdown to start was showing on the companion app but no option came up to join anything

I can’t believe they started without me!!
Hmm what I’m I doing wrong? Anyone??

Ok, silly question, but you clicked the orange plus sign right? It should then be a green check mark.

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I will add to what Mike said that you should not sign up for a race/ride while in the Zwift loading screen. Sign up before opening zwift or while riding but not on the startup and settings screens.

See this short vid:

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Ok thanks guys I’m muddling through ATM.

I’ve tried signing up for another event which starts in 20 mins .
I’m wondering if it’s something to do with my phone and companion app not being connected to the same network?

I did get the green tick confirmation as above both on my companion app as well as the big screen

When you are riding on Zwift do your companion show the Map screen?

The easy option for now would be to sign up on the Zwift start screen. As shown in the vid above.

Ok guys thanks very much for your help. It looks like I’m in the event that starts in a few minutes.

It was probably signing up during the loading phase that’s caused the problem. Not anything I’ve done honest…

Thanks again

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Good job.

Now you will be able to do all the events.

Good luck with the baseline ride.

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Missed all baseline rides, now there is no possibility to Catch up on it. Will i graduate without having done that ride?

No you won’t graduate if you don’t do all the rides and workouts.

But the good news is that there will be a makup week so you can catch up.

Same issue here newbie and started off with one of the workouts before realising I should have done the base ride first and you do need to complete this to graduate.
Read on Zwift they are going to rerun all academy rides from the 11th October so hopefully will be able to do it then.

I also missed the baseline rides so I asked Zwift support.

From an ambassador: I’m afraid you have missed the scheduled baseline rides and that means you’re not able to graduate the academy this year.

Hi @James_Brossard

Welcome to the forum.

There will be make-up rides.


I hope so. Thanks for the link.