Youtube Stream with Apple TV

is it possible to stream a race on youtube with an apple tv? can i grab the signal or is it possilbe to share this with an app?


not that i know of easily without taking the output into a pc with capture card is what i do.

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hi can you explain your setup which capture card and how software do you use

From ATV i have a HDMI splitter to push the signal to both the TV Iā€™m watching on and a capture card.

Currently using one of these

But there a bit old i also have one of these which i capture IPAD stream from

Either feeds into the PC running OBS.

I suppose slightly odd setup i had the ATV before the pc other you could say why not just use the PC which i do most the time but if your pc is poor graphically or unstable then using the ATV and just the PC to stream could be a good solution.