Xhale connectivity issues

I’m currently a big user of the Xhale training platform. Its a great application that helps me manage my training load and review my sessions etc. However, I’m very disappointed that I can’t automatically sync between Xhale and Zwift. As someone that uses Zwift regularly for my indoor turbo sessions, I would like to know why I can’t currently directly sync between the two.

Can someone from the Zwift team please help me?


Have you looked at the info on the trainxhale.com web page? There’s something about syncing via RunGap and Healthfit. And perhaps another option is syncing through one of the other four platforms which Xhale supports.

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Hi Steve, I am aware that you can connect via a third party app. But I want to see Zwift providing automatic and direct connectivity between the two apps.



Xhale don’t even have Wahoo connectivity yet. Just upload the .fit file manually, only takes a couple of minutes.

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I and my athletes have the same problem like @Tom_Ktenidis. We use Zwift during the winter for our training rides and I use Xhale for coaching. But honestly it really su**s that there is no automatically sync between Xhale and Zwift. It only takes some minutes to download the file and upload it to Xhale, yeah! But it’s way to laborious.
Auto sync is available for Garmin Connect, Trainingpeaks and others… So why not for Xhale as well?!

Would be really thankful if the Zwift team would make this work :slight_smile:


I have the same frustrations as above. I use both xhale and zwift for myself and clients. Both are great but to have an auto upload would make things so much easier to see the data!!


Zwift please link yourself with Xhale. It would save a lot of workout building!


It would just make so much more sense for zwift to allow direct connectivity! What could be the possible disadvantage to doing this , it can only be positive right? Yes of course it would take some programming code but they already have the foundations for this with all other connected 3rd party users !! Cmon zwift help us out


Share the same frustrations as users above - would be great if Zwift could be synced with the Xhale platform!!


I am just getting to Zwift and Xhale, but agree with Rich.


I also use Xhale as platform to share data with my coach. It would be great to have an automatic upload, as a regular manual upload is rather frustrating.

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Integration is the way forward, Zwift need to share the kudos and integrate with the Xhale training platform ASAP

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Continuing the discussion from Xhale connectivity issues:

Same issue here.
Just started using xhale for my training.
Be much easier if zwift would auto upload to the software.
The options there for training peaks an various other training software so dont understand why rides / runs cannot be an option to auto upload to xhale.

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Would be great to see zwift auto sync with train xhale.
Be great to be able to share data with coach with ease.
Also the option for the coach to build a sesion and that it appears in zwift that you just start and the smart turbo changes resistance as required. As it does with other training software.

Agree with everyone above - Zwift integration with Xhale would be really welcome. It would streamline the whole process of planning/organising and reviewing my training!

Clearly this is an issue facing a large number of athletes. Zwift, when are you going to respond and enable Xhale to be integrated with your platform so athletes who pay a tidy sum of £12.99 month can get the most out of their subscription?

Zwift integration with Xhale would be really welcome

I 100% agree with Tom_Ktenidis that Zwift should sync directly. Ive been using Xhale for a while and I love it. I’m relatively new to Zwift and I must admit being unable to sync with Xhale is the only downside I’ve found.

I agree with the above comments. A Zwift integration with Xhale is needed. It would create a much more straight forward way of recording my workouts and training allowing me more time to train on your platform.

Agree- I have been an Xhale platform user for the past 2 years, mainly for 70.2 distance, and love the way that the platform allows me to plan my sessions over the long term, as well as to analyse my individual sessions. I am new to Zwift, but would really keen to get Zwift to connect directly to Xhale platform, so I can use Zwift for all my indoor turbo session. Zwift team- how can we get connectivity with Xhale? Thanks!