Xhale connectivity issues

As someone who spends a lot of time manually uploading sessions and building workouts in swift i’d love to know if you’ve got anywhere with this? Auto syncing would save a LOT of time…



I would be extremely grateful if Zwift would give serious consideration to synching its platform to Xhale in the same way Garmin et al do.

Many thanks for considering this request.

I am excited to try it, all of the above is super helpful

Echoing the comments above, I’d also like to see auto syncing between Zwift and XHale.

Although it’s not a large task I’m currently having to download the gpx file from Strava and then manually upload to XHale. This is an inconvenience especially when you are too busy or forget.

Would be great to see it sync as it does with Training Peaks.

I agree with the other posters… Zwift integration with Xhale would be great !

With such a advanced training tool like xhale it makes so much sense to be able to auto upload from zwift. It would save people a lot of time and effort. Listen to the people zwift!

Morning, I’ve recently changed from TrainingPeaks to Xhale to manage my training and coaching but have noticed there is no auto sync. There seems to be a large number of people on Xhale including some pros and top age groupers. Please can you look at making auto sync a feature? Many thanks in advance :smiley: Damian

I agree zwift integration with train Xhale would be brilliant

Recently switched to Xhale training programme, would be so beneficial to have it linked up with my Zwift account

Totally agree with the comments above, I do most of my cycling on Zwift and having this integrated with Xhale would be great in keeping track of my training.

Echoing the comments above, I’d also like to see auto syncing between Zwift and XHale.

Hey Zwift please integrate with Xhale. Would make life much easier.

I would use Zwift past the free trial if it would sync to my Xhale account.

Any help Zwift? Would be good if we could Sync the rides directly to our Xhale accounts as well as Strava etc…

I’m wanting to use Xhale going forward rather than Training Peaks. Would be great to have direct integration, easier than building workouts. Please sort zwift

I’ve also transferred over to Xhale from Training Peaks and would love the same functionality to be available in Xhale as well. Please make this available Zwift.

I have the same frustrations. it’d be great if you could sync without much hassle. As it is normal in other platforms.

I’ve recently changed from TrainingPeaks to Xhale and having same frustrations, Please could you guys at Zwift enable auto sync so my rides can go straight into my Xhale coaching/training diary please?
Many thanks in advance :smiley:
Damian Cameron

I am an avid user of Zwift and believe it is the best platform out there but it would be a great help if my Xhale sessions could pair with zwift automatically and make the whole process more seamless

Having recently started using xhale it would be great for their to be an auto sync between Zwift and xhale.
It is only a few extra clicks to do via other platforms but just makes life easier :+1::+1: