Xert integration

I find Zwift really absorbing and varied - it has revolutionised my winter training efforts over the last four years. However, the training side of it is a very blunt instrument and so I’ve been using Xert this winter. It is a uniquely clever, integrated and robust training system in my view. Now, I can do Zwift courses while running a manually-imported .zwo file from Xert, so I still get a workout tailored to my current fitness signature, fatigue status and training goals etc but it loses the SMART functionality that Xert does so well. It would be REALLY good if Zwift offered fully-integrated Xert functionality.

There is a way of maintaining the SMART functionality when doing a work out. Let Xert control the resistance instead of zwift. Use the Xert player to view your workout profile. I agree, would be nice to have tighter integration with Zwift. There is a support page on Xert that explains the different ways you can use Xert on Zwift

Thanks Kurt, yes, I’m aware of the Xert page and that workaround but using the Apple TV you are limited in BLTE connections (feeble really given the otherwise-high specs of that unit) so until my CABLE arrives I cannot try this method. Tight integration would make a very powerful joint offering I think.