Training plan requests

Here are some things I’d like to see from Zwift in 2024:

  1. Drop FTP tests for racers and others who do all-out efforts. You should be able to calculate FTP pretty accurately from our regular efforts.

  2. AI-driven workout plans. Trainer Road has offered them for a year or more. Xert has them in beta.

  3. Dynamically adjusted workout targets, like Xert’s SMART workouts.

  4. Uploads of non-Zwift rides. All of the above require complete data. Most people don’t do all of their riding on Zwift.

  5. Integration of body telemetry data from wearables like Whoop and Oura. No one offers this yet, AFAIK. It would be nice if my workout plan automatically adjusted when I wake up, and Oura tells me to take it easy because my resting heart rate is elevated.

What do you mean by this? I race and I don’t do FTP tests. Zwift makes up a sort of FTP-like number for me, not that I care about it but it’s there.

I would rather have Zwift integrate with more training spesific apps than make their own thing.

Like trainerroad, xert and

Isn’t there still an FTP test at the beginning of most Zwift training plans?

That would be great! Maybe 2024 is the year that Zwift and TrainerRoad bury the hatchet?

Ah, yes some of them do. But you can mark it as completed if you want.

I believe this is what Fascat’s Optimize app does now, integrates HRV and other data into your planned workouts.