Works on nVidia Shield TV

I have been able to get Zwift installed on my Shield using the linked APK above. It all seems to work fine, but it won’t see the Wahoo Blue SC or a discrete Wahoo BT/ant+ sensor on my bike on my non-smart wind trainer.

I loaded the companion app, and got a notice in the Shield app that I was using a companion app, but I don’t get the phone icon when I try to add sensors, and I don’t see the sensors on the companion app either. If I click the Bluetooth icon in the companion app, it tells me no sensors are paired and to pair them using the main app.

Suggestions? It feels like I’m so close… And yes, the companion app on my phone is on the same wireless network as the Shield. I can pair the sensors to the phone using Bluetooth, but the companion app doesn’t find them.

I seem to be stuck on the home screen. “Welcome to zwift… Join riders from all over the world…” Three “panning” dots at the bottom but I can’t seem to get past this point. Tried the remote, tried the controller, tried various remotes on my phone (Android TV and shiled remote) can’t seem to get to the login screen. Any thoughts?

Turns out I needed to use a mouse-like accessory. Got into the app but it keeps crashing around 3-4 miles in. Will file a report

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Has there been any update to the APK or anything as I cannot get it to work on my Shield even after following the instructions

Are there any updates on an official support for Nvidia Shield/Android TV? It sounds like the Android app has moved out of beta.


Can I get the apk file Please

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I installed the last apk file from my android phone to the Shield.

It works pretty good, but unfortunately, I have connected an ANT+ usb dongle and it does not recognize ant+ devices. Only bluetooth. I connected my Kickr Core and an HRM . I participated to a training event. I’ve been kicked off the event after 35mn, but was still able to ride. After one hour, I stopped and my training has been uploaded to Strava without any issue.

If they could add ant+ services… What a shame for an App in 2020 !

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