Workouts seem harder


A week ago I noticed that the same workout seemed much harder on my KickR SNAP in ERG mode.

I’m following the “6-week beginner FTP builder” training plan and I feel like I have to pedal much harder to maintain 100W (warm-up/cool down/rest intervals). In fact it feels like 140W. Same for the higher intensity intervals, at 75% or 90% FTP. I used to be able to pedal at 90-100 rpm during those intervals and finish them without feeling exhausted, but since one week ago, this is no longer the case: I have to fight really hard not to fail high intensity intervals and I usually finish the last one completely knackered at around 70 rpm !

At first I thought this was due to my rear tire pressure so I re-inflated it to 120 PSI and re-calibrated my KickR. But that didn’t help.

I’m wondering if this is due to a technical issue or if I’m just tired (I train 3-4 times per week). Riding at 100W used to be really easy and I didn’t have to think about it (I could watch a movie at the same time), but now it feels like I have to “be there” and actively monitor my cadence so it doesn’t drop below 85 rpm.

Have any of you noticed a sudden increase in workout difficulty ? Should I try to reset my KickR (if that’s even possible) ?

Just wondering…

I just posted a similar thread on here. I’m using a Kickr (not the snap) and I’m in decent shape all around and even jons short mix kills me after the first huge interval. Maybe we’re just not in the shape we think we are. lol.

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Kickr Snap again. Typical. See my reply to Eric’s post. 

If you’re lucky an advanced spindown should resolve things. Make sure you’re running the latest firmware and you inflate the tyre to 110 - 120 psi. Warm the snap up for 10 minutes each ride then do a regular spindown. Or do as I did and get a refund and bought a direct drive trainer. I’m much happier now than I was with a Snap.

Even on a direct drive trainer if you allow the cadence to drop much below 80 it will start piling on the resistance. Hard to keep on top of the power if the power target is high. Low however should be fine.

OK, I was finally able to find that “Advanced Spindown” feature which is actually hidden (you have to tap 10 times on the KickR icon in the Wahoo Utility app) and boy did it change everything !

I also had to tighten the roller adjustment knob at least one more complete turn (360°) in order to get the spindown time under 15s. The resulting Brake Strength/Factor was 1.06 instead of 0.62 before.

It almost felt too easy this time !

Thanks !

Cedric Lienart:  Thanks I will try your suggestions tomorrow.  I was beginning to think that I was getting worse!