Workout stars not awarded

This was reported fixed a few versions ago but returned for me today. The workout stars are not recording a completed segment when brief. FTP builder week 2 “strength” has 2 sets of 5 sprints. 10 secs at max effort. It indicates for my FTP to go 295 watts for 10 secs but it also had me turn off ERG which I did. I was pushing 500+ watts for 10 secs. Star didn’t light for any of the 10 sprint segments. All other segments appropriately lit stars.

Zwift 1.28
Companion (current)
Windows 10 (current)

I’m not sure I understand. If you were supposed to do 295 watts, but did 500+ watts, it seems to make sense that no star was awarded. Have you tried doing the workout and hitting the prescribed wattage to see if the stars are awarded then?


As Nigel said, it’s also my understanding that if you do too much power, you will not get the star for said segment. I seem to remember there being some plus or minus leeway, but if you’re doing 500+ when it should be 295, that is guaranteed to be a fail aka no star.

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GPLama video explains why Max efforts and ERG mode don’t work well in Workouts. Also explains why setting a workout sprint wattage figure doesn’t work well even when switching to SIM mode.

He does also explain a workout hack if you wish to modify your own workouts.

This video is a couple of years old so things might have moved on within Zwift workouts since then.

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I think you’re running into the same issue I had with this as described here:
Failing Full Gas training segments for using too much power - Bugs and Support - Zwift Forums

Basically, the game asks you to go full gas, but really it sets a specific watt target that is nowhere close to full gas, so if you listen to the workout and go full gas you will not get the stars. They could have modelled those full gas sections as ‘free ride’ sections to avoid this, but that’s not how it’s set up today.

I think we have all been there… full gas did not mean Z7 it meant Z4…

Oops… my bad for not looking at the workout correctly… lost a star…

My defence is after 5 mins at 60 rpm of course you smash it… :grinning:

I vaguely remember that changes made to workouts a few months ago removed the penalty for going over the wattage prescribed in the workout.

Will need to look this up…

maybe that was just for recovery blocks?

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Yup that’s what I ran into. Obviously not a big deal but with the recent short interval bug fix it was fresh in my mind when I noticed it. Thanks for all the explanations in the thread. It makes sense the wide range of max efforts even relative to a certain FTP make it difficult to program into a workout.