Don't receive credit for "overachieving" a workout segment wattage

I’m curious why Zwift does not give credit for workout intervals where the target power was exceeded. Especially when the screen prompt instructed to “give an all out effort” and on the last interval “leave nothing in the tank”. FTP builder “Strength” workout instructed 10 seconds at 340W but also to go “all out”. I hit >800w for most of the 10 second intervals and received no credit for those intervals. The only intervals I received credit for were those where I was in the vicinity of 340W.

I try to do as I’m told, but I can’t give an “all out effort” as instructed and also stay within the target band. Kind of frustrating to follow instructions and get no credit.

I can certainly understand an algorithm that gives no or partial credit for “underachieving” relative to the target, but definitely don’t understand the reverse.

If it is important to hold back and only output the target wattage on a strength workout, then at a minimum the on screen instructions should be changed to instruct “stay within the target band of xxxto yyy watts”, not “give an all out effort”.

Yeah, that was my issue back in november, same as yours :slight_smile:
Failing Full Gas training segments for using too much power - Bugs and Support - Zwift Forums

They could have implemented it as a ‘free ride’ segment with no set power, but they did not. It was not super motivational to have the experience tell you to lower the power while also telling you to go full gas :slight_smile:

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