Workout schedule in training plan is confusing

(john poole) #1

I’m trying to make sense of the order of these workouts. It seems to be the same as is shown in the desktop app, and its confusing to know which workout to do.

(Steve Barnard ) #2

Hi. I’m currently on this plan…wk10… Once you start it gives you start days and ‘do by’ days . Self-explanatory once you start it…have a good fan and windows open… It gives you a good work out…:sunglasses::grinning: currently poorly so missed 5 or 6 workouts… Gutted . But hope to back on the bike New Year’s Day…

(Nic Beckman (Nucor)) #3

I agree. It appears to be very confusing. It says “Mon Morning, Thu Morning, Mon Morning”. So, by reading that, it looks like it will be a Monday workout, Thursday workout, and then the following Monday workout. I’m not sure if they both unlock on the same “Monday” though and you can do them on days back to back. I don’t think that is the case though.

I think it would be much better utilized, and easier to plan the workouts if they showed “Available: Date [Day/Month] @ Time” - “Expires: Date [DAY/MONTH] @ Time” – for example: “Available: 01/19 @ 7:00am - Expires: 03/19 @ 7:00am” or something along those lines.

This format, the rider would know exactly when that workout is available, and they would also know when the workout expires and when they miss the window to ride it.

I’m having the same issue figuring out my schedule.