Workout not registering on plan

I did a workout on the 12-14 week ftp improver plan but it didn’t register on the plan. It shows on my activities and the ride was sent to strava okay. Is there any way I can correct this problem?

Did another workout today and it didn’t acknowledge in the plan (should be 10-12w FTP Builder). weeks 3-5 recorder fine, as expected but week 6 is cheating me out of two workouts now. I don’t believe I’m doing anything different to the first 12 workouts I’ve done. what can I do?

Where are you looking it?

Maybe it’s the same issue Workout Last Completed Date Stamp Not Appearing [April 2023]

Although it should still appear as completed in the plan Completion date doesn't appear next to the workout anymore

Im having the same problem. been going on for a couple of weeks. At first it registered a workout with the wrong day for a couple of days and now its just not registering them at all. quite annoying as i have to look back through my workouts to remember which ones I’ve done. Fortunately I’m not particularly following a plan just vaguely following the etape du tour plan …