Completion date doesn't appear next to the workout anymore

I’m a Zwift monthly plan subscriber and I was just billed yesterday morning by Apple Store for this month. However, yesterday evening, when I started my training program ‘FTP Builder’, Zwift application on my iPad started to remind me that my ‘free trial expired’ and forced me to quit the training and subscribe. I tried ‘restore purchase’ button but it didn’t work. This is now resolved but I found out that my previous two trainings are not recorded by Zwift in “Workouts” interface, while it still appears as completed with date in “Plans” interface. I wonder why this happened and if there’s any way to have the date appear…

Hi Eddie,

Our team are currently investigating this issue.

I am also seeing this issue, with workouts completed on the 25’th and 28’th April 2023 but not registering with dates in the “Workouts” interface,

I contacted Zwift several times and they always said they’re investigating this issue. When I asked them about the timeline, they said they didn’t know but it shouldn’t take long… But until today I still have this problem…

So have you found where goes wrong and have you resolved this issue? Because it’s lack of time stamp, I took the training in the wrong week yesterday… (I’m in FTP Builder Week 5, not Week 4.) It’s not a big issue but it really affects user experience, Zwift said it won’t take a long time to resolve it in the email Zwift sent me, but it’s been 2 weeks and nothing has yet happened…

Thinking back, this problem started for me after I signed up for the May “Work it Out” Mission.
Could there be a link ?

This issue was introduced in update 1.34 and affects all users.

See: Workout Last Completed Date Stamp Not Appearing [April 2023]