Workout mode redline

(Ben Adamczyk) #1

In workout mode what does the redline scrolling across the bottom of the screen represent? I believe the section beneath that is my power. Why does it drop down in spots. The picture isn’t me BTW, stole this off the web.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

The red line is the heart rate graph.

(Ben Adamczyk) #3

Thanks. Any thoughts on why it just flatlines every now and then? I’m assuming my heart hasn’t stopped. :slight_smile:


(Jon Mayfield) #4
  1. ANT signal dropout.  Getting a quality dongle or USB extension cable to get the dongle out closer to you and the bike would help.  If you’re using bluetooth HR strap instead, maybe the phone is in your back pocket and not able to read the signal through your body?  A phone handlebar mount might help there.


  1. You died for a minute.

My money is on #1.

(Ben Adamczyk) #5

Thanks again. I’ll keep a defibrillator handy just in case it was #2.


I am learned something, and had a good laugh. Thanks 


I  learned something, and had a good laugh. Thanks