Heart rate Graph

I would like to bring the topic up again.

Looking at my ride from this morning it is not very clear how my heartrate changed during the training blocks. It will be nice if the difference from max to min could be more visible. Maybe have a option to select min HR to display.

While they’re at it, they could make the line a different colour too. Red doesn’t stand out very well. Lime green or white would be better.

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The current graph is of no use whatsoever. During a typical 60-minute ride, my HR will vary from the high 120s to around 150 (I’m 67), but the red line never changes noticeably. If the graph is non-informative, then it should just be deleted from the options, but for those of us who like to track HR (critical for us old-timers), having it use a smidgen more screen real estate would be well worth it.

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Yes please!

Having heart zones would be good too, similar to the colour scheme for the intensity zones. Knowing that my heart is in the red before my effort is, is useful information.


Color coding of HR by zone is a great idea