Heart Rate Alarms

I would like to request the ability to set an audible heart rate alarm.  Those of us in the 65+ year category need a little earlier warning of when things are getting carried away. A friend of mine who was in better shape than me had the unfortunate luck to drop dead on a treadmill.

This is along the same lines as I was thinking - prevent the user going beyond say zone 2 in heart rate or power.  It would also be good for those guys (like me) who are a little too competitive and ride too hard on an active recovery day. 

Hi Cleve, 

Thank you very much, we’ll put it on a the list for you. What you can do in meantime is use an app on your phone like THIS one.(assuming you have a smart phone or tablet)

If not you can use some watch with this feature. 

Hope it helps! 

Ride On! 


I think this fits with the previous suggestion of HR and power zones being made clearer in the game. Either by the likes of blocks under the numbers which show each zone or having the backgrounds change colour.

I’d certainly like to see what heart rate zone I’m riding in “live”, rather than having to wait until after the ride and then look at data in Strava.  Seems an obvious emmision and easy to do.

Could be something very simple, for example a background changing colour.

In addition to that, at the moment I’m putting a lot of effort into ensuring I’m riding at the correct cadence, having a customisable background colour etc on the cadence display would be very useful so I can see it out of the corner of my eye and not have to stare at the number all the time.