Workout Mode but resistance isn't adapted based on workout


I have a Vortex Smart Trainer and i used workouts already a couple of times.

The first time I used it the resistance was nicely being adapted automatically based on the workout, but the last 2 times I need to shift lots of times to target the needed wattage for the workout. So, it isn’t controlled anymore by my Vortex anymore.

During startup I always choose for the Controllable Trainer like I always have done.

On the initial page I choose always directly the workout and than press Ride (big red button on bottom of screen).

Am I doing something wrong?

Hi Michel, when you pair your power meter, do you pair the “FE-C Trainer” or the “Powermeter”?   Can you try pairing the “FE-C trainer” to power instead and see if that helps?

When I startup zwift I only need to reconnect every time to the Controllable Trainer (right below). The others are rememberd.

In normal ride mode the resistance is always controlled fine, so the resistance I mean, but I only encounter it in workout mode.

I do not have a seperate power meter. The power meter of my Tacx Vortex is shown, all having the same id within the pairing screen

Right, but can you unpair whatever you have assigned to “power” is and then connect the FE-C trainer entry to “power”, rather than the “powermeter” you currently have paired?   Your trainer shows up as multiple devices for backwards compatibility sake and if different types are paired Zwift will not allow ERG mode to function.

In the future I can inspect the ANT+ id and see that you have multiple devices that are really the same device, and make this work no matter how you pair it - but for now you need to use the same device name for both power and controllable trainer - in this case that’s the “FE-C trainer” device.

yip, that solved the problem. Unpairing what is remembered and only pair the FE-C trainer. Thanks

I’m having similar issue, and still confused.  (I’m using a Bkool trainer)  The bkool is remembered under powermeter, though I always have to repair it as controllable trainer.  Do you meant to unpair it from powermeter and have it only on controllable trainer?  or only on powermeter, not paired to controllable trainer?  Thanks!