Work Laptop with no permissions

Hello all, I have an issue which I won’t be alone. The company I work for thankfully loaded Zwift onto my new powerful laptop. Unfortunately I don’t have permissions to do updates! Why are the updates so frequent (get that) but why are they compulsory? I would gladly miss a handful as everytime there is an update it means I have to take my laptop into work and grovel with the IT team to update it for me, sometimes going without for a couple of days. OK in summer but not winter!


Because new roads get added and if you don’t have the roads you can’t join events that use them or you end up riding in circles if you go to new section.

This is a multi player online platform and all users need to be on the same version for it to run smooth.

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Ask your IT team to uninstall it and re-install it in a directory other than “Program Files”.

The “Program Files” directory is protected by the operating system and you need administrative rights to update it.

If the program is installed in another location, like your user directory, updates don’t require special permission.

I use this technique with other software that updates frequently, on my work computer, and it works great.


Yeah this is always going to be a problem if you don’t have admin rights. Some rights are folder based as per the above post, but some are action based (installing etc).