Admin rights required for updates

Is there any way to setup the game on a windows laptop where you do not have admin rights. For some reason the game can be installed, but for an update to install it asks for admin rights. Is there a way to install the game where updates do not require this or any workarounds?


You would need to disable UAC globally on your system which isn’t recommended. There’s an annoyingly convoluted way to add an exception (probably for zwiftlauncher.exe) but I’m not sure it would work due to how Zwift updates.

OK. You need admin access to knock off UAC. I wonder is there any plans by Zwift to resolve this?

I am guessing you are using a work computer for Zwift.

Yes work laptop.

As a Network/Computer Admin myself I see no issue with Zwift needing Admin rights to upgrade/update.

Zwift’s recommendation is not to use work computers.