Woman's Voice for Ride On?

Hi, I’m new to Zwift (and the world of indoor trainers) – loving it so far! I’m also really liking the community feel and ‘meeting’ other riders. I’ve given others the Thumbs Up Ride On a few times and was wondering if there would be an option for a female voice (for those who choose). The current voice doesn’t sound like me at all (as a woman). Would anyone else be interested in this?

Are you not hearing a female voice for Ride Ons? I regularly hear a distinctly female voice giving Ride Ons (and the other ‘voice’ items) when I’m Zwifting.

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Oh thanks for responding. I haven’t heard a ride on voice other than a male’s voice.

You might try pressing the Ride On or Hammer Time or I’m Toast buttons yourself to see what sort of voice you hear, just to give it a whirl. Who knows if a bug has been introduced that has made all of the voices male.

Yes for sure!