No female voice for female account

Hello everybody,

In case this has been asked before, my apologies. I did search for this, but did not find a solution.

My girlfriend and me are both using Zwift on Apple TV. One app, two accounts that we change between. Hers is female, mine is set to male.

Whenever she shouts out a “ride on” or a hammertime it’s in the same male voice that I hear when using my account. I did see on these forums that there are female voices, she just doesn’t get to hear them. We did check and her account really is set to female.

Is this happening because we share the same app with two accounts or is this related to the Apple TV version of Zwift, a bug maybe or do we need to change some settings?

Anyone who can shed some light on this, we’ll be much appreciative of!

Ride on!

I have the same exact problem. Any solution? I tried to remove the app and reinstall but the problem still persisted.

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I also have the same problem! Did you ever find a fix?

I have no idea on this, as I only have a single account on my ATV, but have you ensured that you are force-quitting the app after each use? My thought would be that force-quitting might would cause the app to boot up from scratch for the next use and might then pick the correct ‘voice’ for the user chosen, whereas it might retain the legacy voice if simply reopened without a force quit. I have zero idea if this would work, but it might be worth a shot.