WKG for a short 10 minute sprint race

I raced the first Giant Crit race earlier (C Cat) and was DQd for WKG, assuming it was for 5 min power since i’ve never seen WKG come up in short races like this. Several other riders had the same or higher 5 min WKG and were not DQd. There’s even a guy with no HR data who is not DQd.

Seems arbitrary how this one is being officiated.


Hi Marko,

I think that the 5 min power has no relevance.
In my opinion, only the “95% of the calculated 20 min power” is relevant (see button “View 95%”).

On tab “unfiltered”, page 2 your “95% of the calculated 20 min power” is 3.33w/kg

Your calculated power was 3.33 w/kg and therefore over 3.30 w/kg.
The result is then (in cat C): WKG.
All cat C drivers in this race over 3.30 w / kg were disqualified.

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Ah ok, That makes sense. Thanks