Will we see the most riders on Zwift today?

The circumstances are lamentable, but it’s still pretty cool.

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They might have to start having multiple instances of the worlds to load balance a little.

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IIRC Eric Min thinks (well, has been told) they have capacity for 50K, so at about half capacity.

It’s always sensible to run well below capacity though, so I dare say that’s a good idea. If they’re on AWS (I think they are) they should be able to scale up easily - it’s something EC2 is really good at!

(although it’s also sensible purely from an overcrowding perspective)

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Another option could be to have all worlds available everyday (without using the World Tag hack),. Just a drop down or something would work. It’s going to get packed on some of the routes very soon.


How about if one day this week the only world available is Bologna? Nothing like 25K Zwifters on 5 miles of road!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That’s the dream! Can’t really cite lack of numbers for a reason against it at the moment. :wink:

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25k Zwifters on Richmond, NYC, Yorkshire, Innsbruck, any of the worlds quite frankly, is going to feel crowded.

Although, I suppose it’s no worse than a popular group ride. The game will still only draw the 200 or so nearest riders.

Maybe they could cull riders who aren’t moving. That would remove a lot of the “noise” in the drop in locations.

Regardless of how many riders Zwift will show us, riding in a conga line isn’t fun. It is nice to have some room to form up groups.

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Can’t say it bothers me too much. I can use a TT bike if the draft’s a problem, or ride a hilly route. If I don’t want to actually ride the hills, I turn my TD down. =)

Multiple instances would be just dandy right about now. Other games have used it for, oh, 15 plus years.

I’m happy for Zwift, really, and I like having some people around, but now it’s just ridiculous. Even going up the Epic KOM today (x4) was way too crowded, to say nothing of the “Thou Shall Not Pass Me” level 1 dumb trainer morons running amok.

Not really fun.

Not really cool.

Quite stressful to be honest.

If it gets too bad we can always just pull the plug on the network #socialdistance

Did yesterday, but I dislike doing it.

Some of the world’s could use expansion and new more spread out spawn points if these kinds of numbers keep coming. Additionally it never hurts to expand each of the worlds with some new road. And I would fully agree with allowing Zwifters to choose for all worlds.

Perhaps Zwift will do all 3 to relieve some congestion in the coming year.

I think they were planning to open three worlds per day before they open all worlds. The update should be coming in a few days right?
EDIT: Got the update but the UI will be delayed by up to a month.

Wow wow.


Hi Gerrie,
you beat me to it, although I did see 28,250.
I thought we were going to get to 30k

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28,305 is the highest screenshot I saw! :smiley:



Over 25k again right now and climbing.

Now 26k. Moving quick.

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