Why paying users cannot post links on Zwift forums?

Subj. So my zwift_com account is used for auth on this forum, and I still can’t include links. That is tbh messed up approach. Might as well tweak default board settings in 2021.

It takes a little time to move up to Level 2: Member status on the forums.

However, if it is important to resolving an issue the Watopia Wayfinders and Zwift Staff can raise your level so you can post links.

As of right now, I have raised your Level so you should be able to post links.

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Thanks for that Paul.

Since it is a feedback section, here is mine for Zwift HQ :If I am correct we are observing the default behaviour common for many community boards. However Zwift uses users account data for authorization here, which makes them aware of the account status (paid, not paid, etc), so it is not necessary to use old school user levels system made for discouraging spammers to sign up and post links. Hopefully dev team can manage to reuse their own authorization data.