Why on earth no RIDE WITH anymore?

It is terrible that it is not possible anymore to join a friend who is already riding anymore. Or is it a hidden function? In the past I just used to see riding people in the main menue and clicked on join. Now I have to start a meet up and if him/her is already on the „road“, it is not possible to join anymore? This meet-up function is not practicable in my life most of the time.

How to join a riding friend who already started his ride?

Hello @Norbert_Gorres and welcome to the forums.

No this isn’t a hidden feature, it was removed when the new home screen was built. Zwift has known about it for the better part of a year and still haven’t re-introduced it. They are working on a solution, so we’re told. It will be back, but we don’t know when unfortunately.

Keep your eye on these forums for when it is reintroduced, most likely in a monthly update hopefully this winter.


Zwift have said that they’re working on bringing back this feature.


Eventually it will return.

Will it allow you to join other riders on big descents?

We’ve seen some riders using these methods to gain kms without riding. Do the descent, stop, join another rider and do the descent again.

Not being flippant, but is that a problem? I really don’t care how many kms anyone else is riding. But I’m still new to Zwift–is there a negative effect on other people here?

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Not a feature i ever used to be fair.

Did the occasional meet up but most of my Zwifting is either workouts or just a free ride where i can go as hard or easy as i feel like.

The trouble with ride with is that we are all individuals riding at different levels, you either join someone too slow or too quick.

Pace partners pretty much made the ride with option redundant.

I’m new enough to not have been able to use it…yet :smiley:

I could see it being useful–friend tells me they’re riding, says ‘jump in!’, and I could join them mid-ride very easily. I suspect I wouldn’t use it much, though. I don’t know that I’d want other people popping in with me unannounced, and so I’d be reluctant to join someone else I knew if I didn’t know that they wanted me there. I’ve been on rides IRL where I ran into someone I knew when I kinda wanted to be left alone that day.


Do you know if this ride with feature development/release is not a priority for this year?

If that is the case, which release is being aimed at for this function?

I think this is the latest official communication on the topic (thread now locked): Join a Zwifter - Feature Plans [September 2022]

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Join a Zwifter returns in the November 2022 release version 1.31!

Please join us on the thread for the latest update.


Nice that they Made it possible again! Thanks for your anders als well.

Collecting Downhill km with the Feature ist a function I never thought about, but there are worse in Zwift Like winning races with the 515151515 tactic while the pack goes full Gas you Just Sprint and let it roll and Sprint again. It is for people who like it, I don’t and don’t understand why any1 would do that.

Some obviously just collect km via Ride with @DHs, others just collect Numbers of answers in forums Like Stuart did with his 0 information comment. It’s a free world :sunglasses: remembering the days that we rode for strengh and competition and for ride ons/Likes, new virtual Kits or for free DH Kilometers in a PC game…

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