Why not shown in result lists when TdZ ride is finished

Hi there,

I am not shown in the event result list of the Zwift companion App. I finished Stage 1&2 of Tour de Zwift and I am not included in the results. On ZP results is mentioned „1 driver not shown in list“. So is it me and if yes why? Could you please fix that issue? I mean the app is not for free!

Thanks in advance

You have to opt in to share your results with Zwiftpower.com there are instructions to follow to accomplish this. You should automatically show up in the results on the companion app. Your profile is set to private on the companion app, so I can’t look to see if you were listed.

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Yes, I am already opt in and I can see the activity in ZP. Also my account is and was set to public.

It says you are private and I have to request to follow you to see activities.

It seems to be a bug. Hopefully someone of the Zwift admins can fix it soon…