Why does it stop timing me on routes?

I like to try to break PR’s, but recently it has pretty much stopped timing me on routes, usually when it starts timing a sprint or at a KOM climb point on the route etc. Any ideas?

Not every route has a timer associated with it. Which routes are you referring to?

Well the one I did This morning was in NY central park. I can’t remember the name of it, something like “the nine train” or something like that. It started a timer for “Central park loop” but stopped at some point. I can’t find a route that is called “Central park loop” in menu. I am level 13, so maybe it is still locked.

Yesterday in Innsbruck the loop I did had the same results. I guess I have to start the ride and see what timer starts, back out and see if I can find that route. This seems kind of wacked and not user friendly. Do they have a list of timed routes somewhere? Not sure why not time them all.

Basically the timed routes have lap jerseys associated with it.

Thanks Paul. I don’t think I have ever noticed Lap Jerseys in the route selection menu, but I look forward to logging in tomorrow and seeing them NOW standing out to me like a sore thumb and wondering why I never noticed them before. :slight_smile:

You won’t see jersey in the route selection menu.

Tomorrow I will try and post which routes have timers and lap jerseys.

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This is what I found so far.

The orange jersey is given to the fastest riders around the main route on a particular course, in either direction. For Watopia that’s the “Hilly Route“, London it’s “London Loop” and Richmond it’s “2015 UCI Worlds Course.” https://zwiftinsider.com/sprint-kom-lap-jerseys/


I think on Watopia the Jungle Circuit and the Vulcano Circuit both have timers.

These link could be helpful to you:
And this one: https://zwiftinsider.com/route-details/

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There’s definitely jerseys for both Jungle Loop and Jungle Reverse.

I know that, I just can’t remember if it has a running timer the entire route since it has been awhile since I did it.

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If I’m reading your original post right, I think I can explain why there’s some confusion (maybe?)…

Sometimes, you will pass the starting point of a timed segment (e.g. the start/finish line on Watopia where the ‘Hilly Route’ timer starts, or a sprint marker, etc.)

The Hilly Route timer (or any ‘route’ timer) will only remain active for as long as you actually follow the route. In the case of the Hilly Route, that means you must proceed up the KOM hill and so on.

If, on the other hand, you turn left onto the Ocean Rd (Flat Route) - the Hilly Route timer will disappear (and then re-appear on subsequent laps each time you pass under the start/finish banner).

In sprint segments, there’s nowhere to turn between the start and finish of the sprint, so the timer always runs the entire time.

HOWEVER - if you’re riding in ERG/Workout mode, you won’t see any timers for routes, sprints, etc. because you aren’t eligible for any of the ‘real time’ leaders’ jerseys during a workout. Your segment times are still recorded and captured in Strava (if you use it) - so it’s still possible to set a segment PR during a workout… but you won’t see timers, leaderboards, or 30-day PRs during workout mode.

Dunno if that helps or muddies things further?

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Joe, it does help, or it would have helped but I kind of figured it out in the mean time. It is frustrating that you can’t pick a route and get timed so you can track your progress. I have no idea which routes have timed routes in them, and which don’t, except apparently the routes I pick do not have the timed routes in them. It is just one of many things that makes this a rather user unfriendly experience at times.


I understand your frustration.

I’ll never forget the first time I was on-track to top the Epic KOM leaderboard and I was SO CLOSE to the end… when my avatar suddenly made a right turn onto the radio tower climb and the Epic KOM timer vanished! :angry:

Anyway… you can select the Hilly Route from the main menu on Watopia. That’s an easy one. Also, as others have pointed out - the jungle loop, and the Three Sisters (or Four Horsemen if you want to include the Alpe du Zwift) will take you up each of the climbs (all of which have timed segments & jerseys). There are others in the other worlds.

It gets a lot easier to know the routes (and use the companion app to navigate & stay on-course) over time.

The other thing to remember is this… if you link your Strava account to Zwift - all of your segment data is captured for easy comparison to previous efforts after your ride (and you can even go one further with VeloViewer, if you like).

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Joe, Yep! Been there, done that. Also: whose bright idea was it to put the manual route selector over the cyclist turn signal? You can’t even tell which way your cyclist is going to turn if you do nothing. And why hasn’t someone fixed it???

I am working on learning the courses, and not just riding the same ones. But they could make it easier in game for sure.

I am sure there is a orange border around the option you select.

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Not exactly sure what you mean. Could be an issue of differences between platforms (PC versus iOS) or display properties, but I haven’t noticed a problem with the turn signals, pop ups, etc. Anyway, if you do nothing - your avatar will always go in the direction that is highlighted orange by default. More here:


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I dis confirm this morning that the turn signal has a orange border indicating what route you will be going on. You will also notice that the circle around the arrow fill with orange indicating the time until
you get to the intersection.