Why does FTP builder let you start the workout plan if you haven't taken the FTP test or entered a number for FTP?

So I started the FTP builder program a week and a half ago, thinking the program would somehow calc or figure out my FTP as we went along.

I finally asked about it on Reddit and I had 2 out of 3 people tell me to quit the current workout plan, take the test and then start over.

Why does it start in the first place without a baseline? Seems like the very first step should be the test?

When opening the Training Plan, before you sign up, you see the text in the red box below:

Even if you haven’t taken an FTP test, Zwift does auto-calculate your FTP based on your best 20-minute effort in Zwift up until that point, so workout efforts are based on that figure.

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If zwift has already auto calculated the number why does my profile still say zero?

Where does your profile show zero? in the Zwift App?

It look like your FTP is set at ±190w.

Why do you think your FTP is not correct.

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So I can’t go by this?

Where do you see 190?

So can I keep going with my ftp builder in progress?

I did a back calculation from your strength workout. the 10sec sprint is at 160% of FTP and that give about 190w FTP.

I think you are on the default FTP.

You can do a quick ramp test to be sure that your FTP is correct.

The best place to find and adjust your FTP is in the training/workout menu. Use the slider on the far right to adjust up or down… or as @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ suggested, do a ramp test and that will give you a much better idea of where it should be. You don’t need to restart the program, it will automatically adjust to your new FTP number once the ramp test is complete.


ok just running short on days now to get my final workouts done any the ramp test.

Maybe I’ll do the ramp test on Monday after the workouts are done.

There is still the question of why your public profile in Zwift shows zero for both max HR and FTP.
Based on your visible activites so far, Zwift must have assigned some FTP value to you on which to base the workouts you have already done. And since you’ve been riding with a heart-rate meter connected since October 21, logging max HR since then for each ride, I wonder why these data are not being transfered to the profile.

If you open up your training plan or a workout, like in the example that Mike supplied, is there no FTP value visible?

ok I was able to get to the screen that Mike showed above and it said 188 - should I just manually populate that on my profile?

As for Max HR… no idea? I’ve got 6 months of Strava rides I can look through?

I won’t hurt to manually populate your profile with that figure now, but it won’t make any difference to your experience.
When you have had an opportunity to do an FTP test, it will be interesting to see if the new figure is automatically sent to your profile. If it doesn’t, I think that’s when you need to contact Zwift Support directly, because it should, as far as I know.

The max HR data is less important, as it’s only used to calculate the percentages for division points between the HR zones in your end-of-ride report info. I’m pretty sure that that should be sent automatically to your profile after rides, but I could be wrong.

Good luck with it all. Regarding the FTP test, it’s always best to allow some quality rest before the attempt, as fresher legs will definitely allow you to hold on for a few more seconds at the end of the ramp test.

I put 188 in my profile and 182 for max HR based on a 50 mile ride I did in September, including a few segments of “all out” effort mostly getting over bridges.

The 182 also conveniently works for the suggested 211 - (66% x age) formula.

Sounds good. Will be interested to hear if you see these figures being updated by the system.
When you’ve done an FTP test within Zwift, the value that will be used for the power zone calculations will, as Mike noted, be updated automatically in the training/workouts section (unless you don’t go above the current 188W). If that figure isn’t then the same as what’s shown in your public profile, that’s when you know for sure that something isn’t working properly within Zwift.

I don’t believe that matters or is actually used by the program for anything. Could be wrong?

seems like that ought to be populated from the same place as your chart

thanks for that screenshot btw - that was really helpful in finding what zwift considers my current FTP