Why aren't there any rewards for 50 miles and 100 miles

(Tim Corso) #1

I thought we were getting these? I’ve done both, but feel short changed :slight_smile:

(Allan Watkins) #2

You get rewards for a metric and imperial century. A grey jersey for the metric and a black jersey for the imperial.

(Jon Mayfield) #3

Hi Tim, you should have both jerseys that Allan has mentioned. Next time you log in, hit the ‘T’ key (or click ‘customize’ from the pause screen) and you should have the 2 special jerseys listed.

The game doesn’t make a big deal about unlocking these things yet simply due to time constraints on the developers part, so you probably unlocked them and simply didn’t notice.

(Marlon Kruis TeamODZ (X)) #4

Did the 100 miles today, didn’t receive the jersey…?