160 KM Jersey

Hi Zwift,


I did a 160 km ride 03/26/2016. When I was riding it said 160 km on the screen and it also says 160 km in the Zwift app in my phone. But then on Strava it only says 158 km and I did not get the jersey. If I would have known I would of course have rode longer. I would like to have the jersey…



Hi Mikael - 

I’m afraid I have some bad news for you. It sounds like you were aiming for the imperial century achievement and jersey, is that correct?

Unfortunately, 100 miles is equal to 160.9 kilometers - you just didn’t push it quite far enough this time. If you had kept going, you would have seen a pop up announcement for the achievement and had the jersey awarded to your inventory at that time. The achievement pop ups are shown no matter what units are set in your display. You can also toggle from km to miles using the U key on the keyboard to have more accurate information about your distance during an attempt at these landmarks.


I hope this information helps you the next time you attempt the imperial century, Mikael. We’re all rooting here for you now, so good luck and ride on!

Hi Mikael, wow - you were so close!  This is probably not what you want to hear, but 160KM is 99.4 miles which is still just short of the 100 mile achievement…You actually need to ride almost 161KM (160.9KM) to unlock the Century Jersey. Achievements unlock automatically with a big banner on screen as you ride so it’s best to ride until that happens to be 100% sure you earned it.

Great effort!