Who's up for a test?

I have a ride today (6pm Australian Eastern Standard Time) and I’m looking for riders that want to test their ability to stay above 50kph for 10min.

We will ride as a group for two laps of Watopia’s flat Tempus Fugit loop with the second lap the lap where we will try to stay above 50kph for the Fuego Flats Reverse sector. This will be done in a group and we will have the benefit of the Double Draft… who’s up for it?

Here’s the link: Join Now

Would it not be easier to descend alpe du zwift for 10min?

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Robert, I like your thinking… but this is a “self propelled” version of the same thing. Just pretend in your mind that you’re descending the Alp but it’s taking a little more effort than normal…LOL

How did you get on?

Rob, we did ok!

The section through the Oasis is always the killer…It’s not much of a bump but there’s enough to slow the momentum.

We got across the 7.1km Fuego Flats Return segment in 8.34 min which equates to an average speed of 51kph.

So it was a win this week… we do it each week on a Tuesday at 18.00 AEST - Bring some firepower and join us next week?

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I wish I would have seen this sooner. I would probably have joined you.


We do it every tuesday so you’re welcome to come along and have a go if you’d like it?

Next week’s link: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Oof. Sorry already doing double ZRL race duty on Tuesdays.


It happens every Tuesday so once the ZRL races are completed (good luck by the way) you’re welcome to join us on attempting to keep our record alive. We are actually looking at breaking the 8.30min return sector time. We’ve managed to do it twice but want to be more consistent.

Enjoy your weekend.

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