Who was the Green Lantern?!

I ran into … er rode into something I’d never seen while riding the London course, someone in a green jersey was riding about 200 miles per hour… a hack? Is this some reward for attaining an amazing achievement like level 50? This was about 2 months ago, I was just reminded of it.

Several others commented on it, so I knew i wasn’t the only one seeing it.



It wasn’t me, but it could be now! I’m having an issue where I swapped the same speed and cadence sensors I had been using to a different bike, and suddenly I’m riding at 700+ watts! Trying to figure out what’s wrong, but so far Zwift support has been no help.

Sweet! I’d be taking advantage of that one lol… Of course I’m still trying to get the Tron Bike :slight_smile:

Whoever this guy was, was performing at way above 700 watts, 100mph would prob be more accurate. I thought it must have been a developer having fun with a backdoor code.