Which workout to choose ?

I can see several workout plans but don’t know which one is right for me . Is there any document explaining specifics of each and helping to choose the right one  ? Thks - Alex

You can see the breakdowns of each workout at whatsonzwift.
My suggestion; Do your FTP test if you haven’t already. Start with the 4 wk FTP builder. On the days your feeling pretty good add a group ride that pushes you.
Ride ON!

Alexis, I think that if there is currently one improved ‘feature’ that Zwift could make to workouts it would be to have a section of the site that describes who they are for and what each one is about.  Unless you have experience with structured training it just seems like a big list of random stuff.  

I was in the same boat trying to decide and am a middle of the road cyclist.  Ended up going with the 4wk FTP builder which didn’t do much for me.  But I stuck with it(mostly) and now believe that it just had too little volume for my fitness at the time.

The lack of explanations let me to investigate another app which is much better at describing the plans and their application.  I may subscribe to that when I decide to do some structured training again.  It doesn’t look as engaging and would certainly require some Netflix/TV/Music to keep you entertained.  I think after perusing that app’s site and listening to many of their podcasts I could choose some better workouts for me from the  Zwift list.   Sure would be nice if Zwift had some guidance on what to choose various cyclist. Sorry no advice on what to choose for you.  So many things influence what a good workout plan would be. Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Current volume/strengths/limiters/ Cycling goals-Fondo/TT/Crit racer/road racer/ recreational rider.