Which tablet? Android or apple?

Which tablet would you recommend to buy to interface my elite direto x interactive roller with zwift?

samsung tablet s5e 128gb (android)
Ipad mini 2019 256 GB (Chipset a12)
Ipad air 2019 64 Gb
Ipad PRO 11 2020 128Gb Maybe too expensive.

Does it need to be a tablet? If you have an area near a TV you could use AppleTV.

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I don’t have Apple devices to use with Apple TV with a tablet It is more convenient for me to interact with the zwift user rather than with a PC and keyboard

You don’t need other Apple devices to use AppleTV, the Zwift Companion App will connect to the Zwift App regardless of what is running on either of them.

You will have less issues with getting an Apple iPad working with Zwift than you would in finding an Android only that will work with Zwift.


Why would you say that, a KB mounted to your handlebar or on a table in front of you, is much easier, no issues with wet fingers or a small on screen kb.

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