Which direct rainer is good for using erg-mode?

Hi, firts Post here.
I bought the elite Direto XR and was so dissapointed about the problems with resistance, as discussed here and on the elite-forum (can´t post links here??).
I really want to do erg-mode in Zwift, and I know all the pros and cons.
Searching for similar issues with other direct trainers, there are also discussed the wahoo kickr (core), Tacx flux s and elite suito having these problems.

So my question is: which direct-drive Trainer is really good at erg-mode, meaning adjusting the resistance so that the given resistance in watt is provided?
Thanks for your help!

Hi @Timo_S1

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According to the DC rainmaker reviews the Saris H3 is the best in ERG.

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Saris H3. I have Tacx Neo OG last version, Elite Direto XR, Wahoo Kickr V5, Thinkrider X7 Pro and Elite Nero in my paincave. Saris H3 wins with all of them.

I’ve used both Wahoo and Saris. In Zwift ERG mode I would miss a star or two on workouts with a lot of power shifts with the Wahoo. But with my Saris H3, I don’t think I’ve ever missed a star. In short, ERG on the H3 is very nice.

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