Best Direct Trainer

Sorry In advance for this potentially being a repeat of every newbies posts.

Used Zwift with spin bike and sensors and while I loved the experience it was very clear my numbers were nowhere near accurate.

I’m just about to pull the trigger on a direct drive smart trainer and have a few options…

Tacx Flux 2
Wahoo Kickr Core
Elite Suito T

I’m looking into the differences around their % gradient and max power and I’m not sure if I’m over complicating the situation.

Any advice from someone in the know would be greatly welcomed.

Thanks in advance…

The best is to read what DcRainmaker said.

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Thanks for the Incredibly quick response.

The site is fantastic. Great detail.

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That is the only way to get a real answer from someone that tested them all.



May I ask what setup you use.

I may be bias because I only tested one smart trainer. I use the SARIS H3. According to DCRainmaker it has the best ERG mode and that is what I use most.

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