Where to put all my stuff while Zwifting

I have a new PC zwift setup and I am realizing there is a lot of stuff to juggle while on my bike. How do folks keep things like remotes, wireless keyboards, water/food, towels etc in arms reach without having to dismount for everything?

There are many kinds of indoor cycling desks on the market these days, check with any major cycling retailer (or %m#z*n) or search this forum or Zwiftinsider. Personally I just use a repurposed sheet music stand (20 euro or so) to my side, light and unobtrusive but plenty of space for a keyboard, phone, spare sweatbands, bananas etc… Liquids stay on the bike, or on a sideboard within reach if two aren’t enough.

When I set up my indoor cycling equipment for the first time, by chance I placed it just to the left of a piece of furniture I’d made some years before and that now serves as a makeshift set of shelves for zwifting. It’s about 1m20 high (4ft) by 60cm wide (2ft) and 30 cm deep (1ft).
Water bottles (up to five) and food go on top, while the towel is draped over one edge. On a shallow shelf below that, I put a remote and tissues (because I find I often need to blow my nose after half an hour or so). My phone is mounted on a QuadLock holder on my bike stem during the ride.
I like not having loads of other stuff in my field of vision while zwifting, so it’s good having everything to hand on that shelf, while not having to see it. Apart from nature breaks on very long rides, I never have to dismount.

I was going to add my setup ideas but its pretty much as above. I also have my music amplifier zip tied underneath my table so I can easily access music settings (no remote for it and I like tactile things when sweaty from riding).

Found this thread for you to see a some setups.

Wahoo desk clone :+1:


I built a holder attached to the handlebar. Can provide additional pictures and information if needed (some parts require ownership of a 3D printer). Also, I utilize a little table on the side. Works well for a spare water bottle.


Your post makes me wonder – does or could the companion app offer a virtual keyboard so you could do the PC-available shortcuts right in the app instead of on the PC? I have a tablet – calling up the virtual PC keyboard for touch entry is pretty kludgy and blocks half of the view.

:rofl: It’s functional!


I repurposed a frame pack to hold my remotes and glasses and Kleenex.
I set my laptop on a stool modified to slide over my front tire and I can set a banana, soda can or small bags of food around the edges.

I re-purposed a hospital over bed table. Plenty of space, has wheels and adjustable hight.
Also considerably cheaper than a “bespoke” training table made by certain companies.


I use an ebay bike stand with a sheet of chipboard in the clamp. Rock solid, adjusts over the handlebars, room for laptop/ipad and extras.

Is the bottle nearest to the camera some kind of a power-up?

The isopropanol? I guess so! :rofl:

Trash can with a piece of pine
An old chest of drawers

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I have a cheap ikea side table that is height adjustable. I think it is no longer made.