Show me your Zwift pain cave

After much wallet bashing and tedious painting, here is my nearly completed pain, er, shed. Briefly comprising:

  • Tacx Neo 2
  • 42 inch UHD TVs (x2)
  • Wahoo Headwind fans (x2). For the full on Scottish gale experience.
  • Google Home Max speakers (x2). For the full on Birmingham nightclub experience
  • de-humidifiers and air purifiers (x2) to stop me passing out through carbon dioxide inhalation
  • Wahoo desk, times, er, one.

Tvs can either mirror Zwift or play TV / dvd through sound bar. I just need Wahoo to make the climb compatible with the Neo and I can become completely agoraphobic and never risk life and limb on the roads of the West Midlands again…


Here’s my ultimate pain cave/dungeon setup!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s my ultimate setup! 1x 27” iMac, and two 75” Samsung TV’s. 2x 34” fans & a few Wattbike Pro’s.

Loving it!!


Keepin’ the thread alive…

I got tired of freezing in the winter in a little 8x8 outbuilding (see posts somewhere above), and I also finally wore the chrome plating off of my Cycleops Fluid 2. So, I bought some rollers and moved my setup indoors.

Cat is optional.



It’s cold and a lot going on out there but nobody complains about the noise.

Homemade iPad mount attached to Park repair stand :slight_smile:

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I went “all in” for my indoor setup after getting hit by car which broke my femur and ended my aspirations of ever earning a podium finish. I suppose I could do TT’s safely enough, but genetically speaking, that’s not what I’m gifted to do on a bike. Anyway, on with the show:

  • I built the rocker table myself using only a small parts kit; it took 5 days to design, then cut the boards, sand, stain, seal, and add the 1/4" neoprene covered top, complete with remote control RGB LED lights for the “cool factor.” Still cost $100’s less than a commercial product. I seriously thought about making some in this style as a business, but I don’t think there would be enough demand for the effort.

  • Zwift runs on a Windows PC, 8 core AMD OC’ed, 32 gigs of RAM etc; complete overkill for what’s required for the program, but I had the PC sitting around just collecting dust.

  • 50 inch 4k TV wall mounted; anything bigger at this distance and I’d have to turn my head to see the whole screen.

  • Kickr and Kickr Climb. I will not be adding a lazy susan for “pretend” off road riding!!!" The whole concept of indoor, steerable, off road riding needs to be put in the rubbish bin. Too gamey and much too childish for a serious training setup. If you want to steer a bike, imho, go outside and rediscover the sun, but I digress.

  • I move the wireless keyboard and mouse to the pub table when I’m riding for easy access.

  • Cell phone holder on the stem to control the companion app and Pandora selections.

  • Industrial sized floor fan; wireless control by phone app is planned when it becomes too irritating so I’ll buy what’s needed to make it happen. (Hint, not the expensive Wahoo fan.) Second fan, ceiling mounted not shown.

  • Bike #3 stays pretty much mounted on the trainer these days; I prefer my aluminum framed bikes to be sure. Zwift’s performance metric on the CAAD 12 frame is nearly criminal!

The small speakers are just for setup/boot/demo purposes etc, I use wireless earbuds 99.9% of the time to listen to pandora stations while riding - something I will not do “outside.” I still think it needs more motivational “stuff” mounted around the training area. Always, there is something to improve upon as a new idea comes to mind.

Minus one dinning room table and chairs for the space to make this work as my place isn’t very big. Who cares though right? If you’re a roadie, it’s all about the bike(s) inside or out!

First time posting pics here, so hope I did this right.


My pain cave:

It’s in my narrow study, which was so narrow that I had to remove my front wheel and built a stand with square 2.5 cm aluminum profiles, in which the front fork is clamped and has a holder for my Samsung S2 tray.

Fluid Trainer Elite Turno, cadence and heart rate monitor from Garmin.

The laptop is from Samsung (RF 711) with 8GB of memory and 2 SSD hard drives. Processor i5-2340M @ 2.40 GHz, the graphics card GeForce GT 540M / PCIe / SSE2. Monitor EIZO 23"

Speaker system Bose Companion.

Fan Voxon!


Like the Park stand hack:+1:, it’s sturdy enough to adapt for a laptop too. Is it MDF?, what tubing did you use? Suppose anything would do. Well done.


Tablett Holder is Brodit


Just started Zwifting (come from running mainly). This is my setup:
Technogym Myrun Smart TM
Life Fitness IC8 Indoor Stationary Bike (Works with zwift but non-controllable)



Here’s mine


Just started myself, basement is being renovated so temp am using the bedroom. Once the basement is done, will have a nice little area for my bike, weight gear and plan for a nice TV to use with Zwift and my bike!

  • Schwinn IC 4
  • Dumb LG 42" TV
  • My phone with a USB C to my TV for now (just got a BT for my PC to use instead)
    So far so good (crossing fingers for Shield support…)

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My dumb and cheap rig…
Ancient Blackburn wind trainer (loud as ■■■■!)
Wahoo speed/cadence sensor
Wahoo HR sensor
Apple TV
20" monitor

My only expense to set this up was an HDMI-DVI cable.


Just resurrected my 15yr old treadmill and bought it up to date with a NPE RUNN for Zwift!

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I find this Bluetooth keyboard very useful for my PC based setup. Found it on Amazon. The top red buttons are left and right mouse clicks. Has a touch mouse pad up top and easily fits in you hand.

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Picking up the tread. :grin:

I was struggling to get a good setup. Especially the table so I could reach my laptop, water, snacks towels etc.

This year I built a proper table to make my rides more comfortable and to avoid the huge frustration of dropping or not reaching my stuff.

Turned out great and it’s very stable.

I made a video about the build so more Zwifters can get inspiration to build their own. :smiley::+1:

Search for “MynextDIYbikeproject” on Youtube to find the build! :+1:

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