Where are the results for the tour de Zwift 2023?

I have tried hard after having competed all the stages of TDZ 2023 and cannot find this anywhere.

Feel like the results of a tour should be all over Zwift… am I crazy?

What sort of results are you looking for?

TdZ wasn’t a race series, so I don’t expect there would be a final ranking table.

Sometimes you can find rankings on ZwiftPower events, e.g. ZwiftPower - Login has a “2023 Race Scotland” tab where I see the current rankings.

It’s also listed in the “Leagues” menu on ZwiftPower (ZwiftPower - Login).


But that’s a race series, with results shown at the end of the events.

If you’re signed up for ZwiftPower, you can find results for each stage on your profile. Results will only include people signed up for ZwiftPower. People who don’t race are often not signed up so the results will be incomplete. There is no GC for TdZ since it’s not a race series. There are no results in the Companion app since the leaderboard was not enabled for these group rides.