Where am I going wrong

I have a Tacx Vortex and apple 4K When I try to connect to the zwift app it says my vortex is connected but shows as no signal and no matter what I do it will not show any data. For the mean time I have just connected it on my iPhone and mirror to Apple TV and it works perfectly. So not end of the world just frustrating.

But a much bigger problem that I don’t know whether it’s me or my set up. I have calibrated the bike on Tacx utility and it says calibrated in middle of the green band.

I’m a runner mainly 50ish miles a week but do spin classes 4 times a week hills and intervals type thing. So no slouch.

My rpm is over 80-110 and watts anywhere from 100 to 250 but my avatar moves so slowly when I watch others they seem to be flying past me. I will admit I’m struggling with gear selection I seem to be really struggling but with a modest heart rate 110 to 150bpm.

Just as a comparison my legs feel worse after a 30 min ride of 5 miles than my 13 mile run I did at race pace at the weekend

Hello @MrJellyLegs and welcome to Zwift!

Try force closing the Zwift app on your Apple TV and make sure you are not paired with the Tacx utility app that you calibrated the trainer on. This could be why you are not getting a signal to ATV. Restart Zwift and see if that works.

Wheel on trainers can be tricky to set up. Make sure your tire is inflated fully, and that there is the correct amount of tension on the roller when it meets your tire. You may need to choose the correct tire size as well in Zwift when pairing.

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Hi Wayne, happy new year, and welcome to Zwift forums.

I took the liberty of checking your most recent ride session logs, and noticed that you’re a new Zwifter. Something that seemed amiss is that your functional threshold power (FTP) setting in your profile appears to be set to zero, would you verify what number is set in your profile? Instructions are here.

In the past, there have been some issues with Tacx trainer connections that might be related to this issue. Something you might try is updating the firmware on your Tacx trainer.

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Hi thanks for the reply I am on the latest firmware for the trainer and ATV4K unit calibrated with correct tyre pressure etc and not connected to any other device by Bluetooth.

I do have a wahoo cadence sensor I could attach to my bike if that will help any.

I can confirm my FTP is showing zero.

Looking at other riders, when my max output of 269 watts and 114 cadence I was moving same speed as some showing 60 watts and 70 cadence.

Did you input your weight in the correct units.

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Much of the game’s real-world feel is predicated on accurately entering your weight and your personal FTP. For now, you can manually set that to a moderately low number (say, 120-150, this depends on you) and bump it up if you find you’re easily spinning out your hardest gear even on flat terrain.

If you’re new to training with a power meter, I’d recommend you look at a training plan geared just for new Zwifters. After your pair your trainer, etc. and get to the game’s home page, select Ride Type > Training, then Select Plans > Zwift Cycling 101. It looks like this:

This three stage workout will walk you through power zones, and how structured workouts are built in Zwift. The third stage is a mini “ramp test” that will set your FTP. From there, your in-game rides will be better calibrated to your true abilities.

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That’s very helpful thanks guys. I have now put ftp down at 150. How do I change my wheel size on zwift I think I may have entered this incorrectly and put it as actually bigger than it is. Would that have an effect of slowing me down to crawling pace?

I also think I will connect my wahoo cadence sensor to see if that also helps

Thanks I force closed it I didn’t realise I could do this but frustratingly not had a chance to check if it’s made a difference yet.

Did changing the FTP to 150 improve this situation for you?

Because you have a smart trainer, you should not see a changeable setting for tire size. Changeable tire size is an option for those who are using a classic trainer.

Ill let you know later :+1:

Ok first things first the Apple TV works perfectly ever since I force closed the app and repaired my trainer :+1:t2:

I do appear to be moving quicker than before but still not as fast as others. I did a higher output effort of up to 450 watts and I would have expected my avatar to really be motoring at that point and it was moving similar to others around me.

450w is a lot depending on your weight. Your avetar will take some time to get up to speed.

You will go slower on a hill than a flat route.